Dress rehearsal schedule Sunday May 29, 2022
École Rudolf Steiner de Montreal

Sunday May 29 


4:00 pm Book 1, 2 and 3

Go Tell Aunt Rhody



Minuet 1

Happy Farmer

Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus

Waltz by Brahms

The two Grenadiers


5:00 pm MSSO junior 

Vivaldi Concerto grosso for 2 violins


5:00 pm Cellos rehearsal with Ivana in big room on main floor


6:00 pm Book 4and up

Breval Sonata for cello (with MSSO orchestra)

Seitz Concerto No 2, 3rd mvt (with MSSO orchestra)

Vivaldi Concerto in a min 1st mvt

Bach Double

Jovano Jovanke

Monti Chardas

Bach Concerto in a min (with MSSO orchestra)


7:00 MSSO

Brandenburg Concerto No 5

Serenade by Elgar

Dress Rehearsal at Centre Pierre-Peladeau June 5 2022
300,boul.de Maisonneuve Est Montreal, H2X 3X6

11:00am MSSO junior orchestra Vivaldi concerto grosso.

Arrive at the concert hall at 10:30

12:00 pm MSSO Serenade and Bach Brandenburg 5 (arrive at 11:45)

1:00 Cello rehearsal (arrive at 12:30)

1:30 public enters

2:00 Concert starts

Dress code: Black and white

MSSO jackets and ties for Boys, Girls black dress.