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Dress rehearsal schedule Sunday Dec 10, 2023
École Rudolf Steiner de Montreal

4855 Avenue Kensington Montreal, QC H3X 3S6

Sunday, Dec 10

4:00 pm Book 1, 2 and 3


Go Tell Aunt Rhody

O Comme little Children



Minuet 2

Hunters Chorus

Gavotte by Lily

Gavotte by Martini

Bourre by Bach


5:00 pm MSSO junior 

Tchaikovsky Symphony No 2

Haydn Symphony No 88


6:00 pm Book 4 and up

Concerto in G maj No 2 by  Seitz

Concerto in A min Vivaldi 3rd movement

Perpetual Motion by Bohm

Gavotte by Bach Book 5

Handel Sonata No 3 2nd Movement Book 6


7:00 MSSO




Dress Rehearsal at Oscar Peterson Concert Hall Dec 17, 2023
7141 Rue Sherbrooke W, Montreal, QC H4B 1R6

11:00 am MSSO Junior (Arrive at the concert hall at 10:30)

12:00 pm MSSO  (arrive at 11:45)

1:30 public enters

2:00 Concert starts






Dress code: Black and white

MSSO jackets and ties for Boys, Girls black dress.

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