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Web Concert 2021

students of Dragan Djerkic  

Introduction and Rondo Capricioso Saint Seans

Vivianna Mahammed plays Mendelsohn Violin concerto

Genesis  Li  plays Gavotte from Mignon

Noah Singoye plays Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Rowen Shak plays Vivaldi Concerto in g min 1st mvt

Kaden Chin plays Vivaldi Concerto in a min 

Penny Legault Plays Allegro by Suzuki

Logan Chin plays Vivaldi Concerto in a min

Naomi Altman plays Long Long Ago

IRuby Bernstein plays Musette by Bach

Masa Rihar plays Waltz by Brahms

Felix plays Allegro by Suzuki

Jessica Duranleau plays Gavotte from Martini

Rok Rihar plays Seitz Concerto No 5 3rd mvt

Zackary Abaunza plays The Witches Dance 

Xinyi Li plays Vivaldi Concerto in g min 2nd Movement

Eva and Tasso Maniakas playing Allegro by Suzuki

Oliver Saibil plays Seitz Concerto No 5 3rd Movement

Ella Chin plays Minuet no 2 by Bach

Kiana Ngai plays Gigue from the Partita no 2 in d min

Qinghao Xin playing Gavotte by Bach

Zackary Abaunza plays Gavotte by Lully

Sophie Iny plays La Folia by Corelli

Sacha Dauplay-Laceu plays Gavotte by Bach

Max Welsh plays Humoresque

Felix Beaulac plays Concerto in G min by Vivaldi

Camille Beulac plays Minuet by Bocherini

Aaron Garda plays Allegro

Kin Setto plays Gavotte by Lully

Miaoyi Zhang plays Allegro by Fiocco

Jessica Duranleau plays Humoresque

Endre Garda plays Long Long Ago

Elliott Todd-Morin plays Handel Sonata No 4 Allegro

Abby Iny plays Gavotte by Bach

Aaran Jahani-Asl plays Bourre by Handel

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